Update and future-proof your businesses point of sales system with Poynt, the revolutionary new smart terminal that combines flexibility and ease of use in a sleek all-in-one package.

Poynt's dual screen interface and highly portable form factor allow you to connect with customers for payment with a truly frictionless experience. With Poynt, you are not locked into the restricted environment of one point of sales system, but instead have access to a marketplace of applications. Finding the one that's perfect for your businesses structure and customers is just a few button presses away.

Tap into your sales from a distance with the Poynt HQ app, and protect your business from dishonest employees and customers with its monitoring capabilities. With Poynt you can keep your hands on the reigns of your business even when you're on vacation.

For more information on how to put your business on Poynt and contact your certified Long Island Reseller today!

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