Terminals and other payment acceptance channels

Our POS terminals and fully integrated software solutions offer scalability, flexibility and built-in PCI security.We lead the industry with the latest EMV countertop terminals, tablet-based POS systems and web-enabled mobile solutions, all designed to enhance your customers’ experience and grow your business.

EPSG Connect has a processing solution plus the hardware and software for secure transactions no matter what channel or payment options you offer:

  • Traditional point-of-sale terminals for your retail store
  • Virtual terminals for smartphone and tablet-based transactions
  • Flexible and scalable data gateways for easy integration in the most complex environments
  • Hosted payment solutions


 We know how over- whelming it can be to find information on what you need from a processing company. We have customized programs available for a number of industry categories.

  • Retail

  • E-Commerce

  • Mail-Order/Telephone Order

  • Grocery and Multi-Lane

  • Restaurant and Fast Food

  • Convenience Stores

  • Vapor Stores and Wholesalers

  • Municipal and Commercial Sectors

  • B2B Merchant Services



EPSG Connect is committed to ensuring that all of our products and equipment are PCI compliant. This not only reduces the risk for you, but also your customers. We have made a significant investment to make sure that we are PCI compliant and update our terminal software continuously.

  • An Established and Trusted Leader

  • No hidden fees with competitive rates

  • Dedicated service for sales, account, and technical support

  • Same day merchant approval and set-up

  • Enhanced data security

  • Universal card acceptance

  • PCI Security Protection