Poynt Comes to Nassau

Nassau Business owners deserve the very best, and now they can have it as the Poynt Smart Terminal finally comes to Long Island. Poynt revolutionizes point of sale and makes managing your business easier than ever before.

Why not have a point of sale system that combines flexibility and ease of use in a sleek all-in-one package? Poynt features an full-suite app store that allows you to customize your terminal the needs of your business. You no longer have to worry about learning a system that just doesn't seem to fit your business model. On top of that, Poynt's dual screen interface and highly portable form factor allow you to connect with customers for payment with a truly frictionless experience. 

Poynt accepts all the modern payment formats, so you can service customers who use Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or any other NFC form of payment. Its light weight design allows your employees to meet the customer on the floor, at their table, or at the register for a truly personal sales experience. Plus managers can monitor your sales performance from any smart phone or tablet with the Poynt app installed to make decisions in real time.

For more information on how to put your business on Poynt and contact your certified Long Island Reseller today!

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